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ll THE 100 ll

if this isn't a kingdom then i don't know what is » clarke/lexa, pg13, 2k
There is a girl on the ground and a girl in the stars.


holding you closer than most » cersei, pg13, 1.4k
She imagines her son sitting on the Iron Throne, when Robert is dead and gone. It's the one shame, that he'll never even realize what she accomplished.

the beast you've made of me » jeyne, pg13, 1.2k
She is a wolf. And wolves go for the jugular.

i've seen them chewing on the shadows in your eyes » arya/gendry, pg, 0.7k
He doesn't think she trusts anyone, but maybe that's the trick to getting by. Keep a sharpened sword at your side and mistrust the entire world.

what stays and what fades away » cersei/jaime, pg13, 1.1k
He's never wanted to be king. But he's always wanted Cersei.

ever-living ghosts of what once was » jon/sansa, pg, 0.8k
He has new brothers in his new life, but once he had a sister, and it is to her that he rides.

my fingers laced to crown » cersei/jaime, pg13, 0.8k
He already knows what he will be remembered for.

between the shadow and the soul » petyr/sansa, r, 3.0k
Sansa Stark is a vision in grey and white, the last Stark standing, alive after all, and men fall to their knees before her.


ticking away my time » chuck/jenny, pg13, 1.0k
It's so disgustingly poetic. (They're so going to hell.)


kill yourself to never ever stop » cato/clove, pg13, 1.7k
When she grins at him, later under the trees where they've banded up with the other careers, he wonders if that grin means you're next.


let's freefall and see where we land » harry/louis, pg13, 5.3k
Louis licks the taste of champagne off his lips and dips his head down, buries his face in Harry's neck and tries to catch his breath, and he whispers into Harry's skin "I love you, I love you, I love you," like it's any secret at all.

come close and then even closer » harry/louis, pg, 2.7k
And two boys who have never met will leave with the concert stuck under their skin, and they won't meet for a while, but when they do their entire lives will be changed.


moonlight making crosses on your body » adam/ronan, pg13, 2.7k
Ronan’s hand is cold and Adam wants to say that it feels like they’re running out of time, like they won’t make it much further. It’s suddenly not enough to notice Ronan watching him, not enough to wonder about what it could all add up to in some hypothetical future moment.


burn me up, baby, burn me until it shows » clary/isabelle, pg13, 2.8k
“For agility,” she announces, voice soft as she carves the mark into Clary’s skin. It burns and glows and hisses and Clary grits her teeth.

take heart, sweetheart » clary/isabelle, r, 2.2k
Maybe Clary just didn't want to think about the boys who wanted her, didn't want to make decisions if someone else was willing to make them for her, but when she kissed Isabelle back it still felt like some kind of goddamn victory.

ll SKINS ll

i'm a slow dying flower » mini, pg13, 1.1k
All boys want one thing from you. This Mini knows. (This her mother told her.)

your body broke your fall » emily/katie, pg13, 1.6k
She shoves, and Emily stumbles back, and it's just like they were little again, just like when they were kids and Katie didn't get her way. She pushes; Emily acquiesces.


they write books about this sort of thing » allison/lydia, r, 6.1k
And if she feels her pulse beating faster, erratic even, every now and then when she catches Allison's eye, well, that's something that even Lydia Martin with her advanced vocabulary doesn't quite want to put a name on.

as the moon waned to crescent we started to kiss » allison/scott/stiles, nc17, 7.0k
Her nails brush along the skin of his chest without scraping, and she is gentle, they both are, slow and cool and bright in the remaining moonlight, and they don't leave a single mark but it doesn't matter; this is marking them all the same.

our hearts from iron » allison/scott, pg13, 2.2k
Scott is the one unknown in their plans, and it makes her feel like she is slowly splintering from head to toe. She is stronger than that now; she is filling in her cracks, shaping new bones poured of metal alloy to hold herself together.

ll THAT '70S SHOW ll

you got love, you ain't lonely » hyde/jackie, pg13, 2.3k
It's fun anyway, and it's not like it's about Jackie, but sometimes he thinks he could get used to it, sometimes he thinks it's pretty perfect.


the latest in your art of war » caroline/katherine, pg13, 1.4k
She likes the poetry of Caroline.

tongue-tied and overloaded » jeremy/vicki, pg13, 1.2k
She was never the favoured child; she knows this.

she's the absinthe on my lip » jeremy/vicki, pg13, 0.6k
The first time he smokes a joint, she kisses him, and the two tastes mingle in his mouth.

all these things that i've done » elena/katherine, pg13, 1.5k
They all die. Because that's how the story went; she can never change it.

it's burning your eyes and it's killing your mind » caroline/damon, pg13, 0.5k
She feels like she's shrinking in on herself, like Alice in a bloody Wonderland.

a fickle heart and bitterness » klaus/rebekah, nc17, 1.4k
"Did you miss me?" he asks, sliding his knuckles down her cheek. She slaps his hand away. "That's not how it works, Nik."

pour a little salt, we were never here » damon/elena, pg13, 2.2k
Damon will admit that at first, Elena goes through a sort of denial. But what follows is nowhere near as simple as any five-step walkthrough would lead you to believe.

collect the souls you've lost » klaus/rebekah, pg13, 1.7k
"You weren't supposed to be alive," she mumbles.

when i was a little girl the world was small to me » rebekah, pg, 0.9k
"Did you know, sister," Nik tells her as they drive, "that Mystic Falls is situated in almost the exact geographic location of our old village?" They have lived in many places, but his tone makes it clear to which he is referring. Rebekah looks at him, looks for the trick, but he only smirks, and adds "Fun fact," as if that's all it is.

stowaway hearts » bonnie/caroline, pg, 3.7k
Caroline is the one who gets them into cheerleading. Obviously.

she's blowing smoke like halos » caroline/stefan, r, 1.2k
"We're gonna be the talk of the town," she crows with delight and a laugh; because, really, she'd much rather be known as the girl who drove off in the red Porsche than the girl who still lived with her mother at twenty-three and wore too much eyeliner for anyone out of their teenage years.

we're miles adrift, we're inches apart » elena/stefan, pg13, 0.6k
Stefan does not imagine Elena when he is gone.

tell my love to wreck it all » klaus/rebekah, pg13, 1.8k
This time she is running away from her brother, instead of with her hand in his.

i've got my veins all tangled close » caroline/stefan, pg, 1.1k
They stand beside each other with their toes on the borderline of the town. Give or take.

history hangs her well » elijah/tatia, klaus/tatia, pg13, 1.6k
"Do you want to kiss me, Elijah?" she asks.

the blood runs red down the needle and thread » caroline/damon, pg13, 1.3k
How does the human mind go through so much pain and terror, she'd wondered, and manage to block it away? There must have been some part of her screaming underneath her skin, every time she'd been near him.

you seem like you're fearless (and maybe you're my perfect fix) » alaric/elena, pg13, 1.7k
He puts off going back to his apartment, because they're kids and they need an adult around, because Jenna was their guardian and Elena is Isobel's daughter.

they'll name a city after us, and later say it's all our faults » caroline/damon/stefan, pg13, 2.1k
There is a girl, and there are two brothers.

our ungodly hour » klaus/rebekah, r, 10.6k
This is the part that she always forgets later. She began to lose her humanity before he did.

let me see you stripped down to the bone » jules, pg13, 0.7k
Sometimes she feels like a wolf in human skin instead of the other way around.

crumbled you straight to your knees » damon/katherine, pg13, 0.5k
She is in his blood and his bone and this feels like coming home.

and battle lines are drawn across this town » klaus/kol/rebekah, r, 8.6k
Kol only laughs, and blows another ring of smoke up towards the ceiling. "I've missed you two."

these bloody days have broken our hearts » caroline/elena, pg13, 3.8k
She is shaking but there is a stillness within her, like her heart has been strangled by her ribcage -- silent now and all that's left are brittle bones to hold her up. Caroline clings to her until the sun starts to come up.


when we were lions, lovers in combat
» cersei/jaime, a song of ice and fire

i've come to burn your kingdom down
» allison argent, teen wolf

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