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[ fic ] they write books about this sort of thing ; allison/lydia, teen wolf

Um, this got way out of hand, but it was originally intended to be written for the prompt "someone could be falling in love with you" by softly_me at the Ladyloves Femmeslash Ficathon. Six thousand words later, I have no idea what happened.

they write books about this sort of thing » teen wolf. allison/lydia (includes allison/scott, jackson/lydia). r. 6,138 words.
so maybe lydia's just as enraptured with the new girl as the rest of the school. and maybe allison quickly turns into the closest thing she's ever had to a best friend. and maybe she still wants more than that. warnings: infidelity (mild). mtv owns these characters, not me.

If she feels her pulse beating faster, erratic even, every now and then when she catches Allison’s eye, well, that’s something that even Lydia Martin with her advanced vocabulary doesn’t quite want to put a name on.Collapse )

Tags: [ fanfiction ], ∆ r, ⌦ tw: allison argent, ⌦ tw: lydia martin, ⏏ tw: allison/lydia, ► teen wolf
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