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[ fic ] our hearts from iron ; allison/scott, teen wolf

so i barely ever come here anymore but ladygawain's shadowhunter ficathon has got me missing livejournal a whole damn bunch, plus i just posted a fic that was mostly written three years ago, in the height of my lj days, which i never ever thought i would actually bother to finish, and anyway, it's getting me all sentimental, so i thought i'd post a link here too and say hi <3

this fic is essentially my ode to allison argent, set in the dark days of 2x10/2x11 after her mother died and she went after the werewolves.

our hearts from iron » teen wolf. allison/scott. pg-13. 2,299 words.

“I don’t want to kill you.” Maybe it’s dramatic, but maybe that’s why she says it—because he’s a werewolf and her family legacy stretches back across centuries of men and women who’ve hunted werewolves, because her own mother hunted werewolves until one of them finally got its teeth in her and even though that wasn’t Scott it makes it easier to imagine releasing the arrow.

(link goes to ao3)

hope everyone here is doing great, lots of love xo
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