a girl like that (cassiehayes) wrote,
a girl like that

tumblr sux / i had to make a new tumblr

ok, cutting to the chase: i've lost my old tumblr and the new one is forcynics

i'm trying to find people and refollow them and stuff because god damn, i only recently started using tumblr again and i was really loving it and i miss everyone now. i know no one uses lj anymore but this is basically just a post i can link to on my new tumblr for """proof”"" lol

BASICALLY, about a month or two ago while i was traveling tumblr did this weird thing where it made me reset my password out of nowhere and then i found out that the email address i used way back when (six years ago!!!!) to create my tumblr account actually doesn't exist anymore, because live.com is no longer a thing, so my new password was delivered nowhere and according to tumblr support there's basically nothing they can do to fix it without compromising my security (HA, thx for nothing)

it's all horribly dumb and frustrating and i was really really upset about it for a while and sent a lot of frustrated emails and basically got no help, so i had to admit defeat. but i really don't want to just disappear from everything, so i'm going to do my best to reconnect with everyone, please bear with me while i try to start anew!!!
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