tw / allison argent (fragile)

[ fic ] our hearts from iron ; allison/scott, teen wolf

so i barely ever come here anymore but ladygawain's shadowhunter ficathon has got me missing livejournal a whole damn bunch, plus i just posted a fic that was mostly written three years ago, in the height of my lj days, which i never ever thought i would actually bother to finish, and anyway, it's getting me all sentimental, so i thought i'd post a link here too and say hi <3

this fic is essentially my ode to allison argent, set in the dark days of 2x10/2x11 after her mother died and she went after the werewolves.

our hearts from iron » teen wolf. allison/scott. pg-13. 2,299 words.

“I don’t want to kill you.” Maybe it’s dramatic, but maybe that’s why she says it—because he’s a werewolf and her family legacy stretches back across centuries of men and women who’ve hunted werewolves, because her own mother hunted werewolves until one of them finally got its teeth in her and even though that wasn’t Scott it makes it easier to imagine releasing the arrow.

(link goes to ao3)

hope everyone here is doing great, lots of love xo
tw / allison argent (seven devils)

[ fic ] if this isn't a kingdom then i don't know what is ; clarke/lexa, the 100

hiiiiiiii wow it's been more than a while, but i wrote a thing yesterday and actually completed it, so i thought i'd post it here too, yay. i kinda had a feeling that if any show/fandom was gonna get me back into writing fic it would probably be the 100, and then these girls happened and i was sunk.

if this isn't a kingdom then i don't know what is » the 100. clarke/lexa. pg-13. 2,082 words.
There is a girl on the ground and a girl in the stars.

also here on ao3

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tvd / elena gilbert

[ fic ] these bloody days have broken our hearts ; caroline/elena, tvd

wowowow so it's been ages since i've posted anything or been around here, so um, first hi! decided to try and finish some really old WIPs, so this happened. basically alternative ending to season 2, if elena had been turned into a vampire in the sacrifice. yeah, it's been that long since i started writing this. anyway, this is for ladyrostova because she wanted caroline/elena and i can now finally finally deliver! lots of love <3

these bloody days have broken our hearts » the vampire diaries. caroline/elena. pg-13. 3,767 words.
They kill Klaus, but at a cost. Caroline tries to help Elena through her transition. warnings: character death, blood/mild gore, blood drinking, consent issues around transitioning, themes of death.

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70s / hyde &amp; jackie

[ fic ] you got love, you ain't lonely ; hyde/jackie, that '70s show

for dori, because shipping soulmates. and because she cries with me over sitcoms that ended six years ago. ilu, babe. (there isn't as much eric/hyde focus in this as i thought there would be, but i am pretty sure at some point i will end up writing actual eric/hyde/jackie, so, there's that too.)

you got love, you ain't lonely » that '70s show. hyde/jackie. pg-13. 2,319 words.
It starts off as something to pass the time. Set mostly between season four and season five. warnings: mild drug use (lol, duh). I don't own these characters. though I really, really wish I did and also had a time machine to go back and like, make things right. but please don't get me started.

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tw / allison argent (fragile)

[ fic ] as the moon waned to crescent we started to kiss ; allison/scott/stiles, teen wolf

This was written for the prompt "anchors have two prongs" by argentum_ls at the Merrier the More Polyamory Ficathon. So, for one thing, I've apparently lost the ability to write comment!fic that is actually the length of comments? Also, um. Somehow this turned into porn? Which... I don't write? But. Somehow this happened anyway. And I'm just going to go crawl under a rock tbh. A huuuuge thank you to ladyrostova for dealing with all the panicking and flailing and existential crises that occurred around this. You are the best, and I love you. And dear argentum_ls, I really hope you don't mind how much I ran away with your prompt, and the fact that almost half of this is porn. I've been wanting to write these three for a while, so... yeah. Okay. Um. Yeah. CRAWLING UNDER A ROCK NOW. 

as the moon waned to crescent we started to kiss » teen wolf. allison/scott/stiles. nc-17. 6,980 words. 
allison and stiles are both there to help scott get through a full moon. warnings: threesome, depiction of pain and traumatic events (transformation). mtv owns these characters, not me. 

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skins / mini mcguinness

[ recs ] so many things!!

That is the first thing you should be doing. *points up* Such a fabulous idea for a ficathon, and there has been so much stunning fic to come out of it already, including a few for prompts I left, which I am reccing to all of you because I am absolutely delighted and unable to contain myself.

Also, to self-promote for a second, the POLYAMORY FICATHON is still going on, and you should all check it out if you haven't (or even if you already have tbh) because there are pages of stunning unfilled prompts waiting to be written. And some wonderful fic that has been written, which I am also reccing under the cut.

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